Lincom Tech 2.7K UHD Digital Video Camera/Camcorder

Digital Video Camera with Touch Screen, IR Night Vision, and 16X Digital Zoom

Lincom Tech 2.7K UHD Digital Video Camera

The Lincom Tech 2.7K UHD Digital Video Camera/Camcorder with 16x digital zoom is both affordable and full-featured. It can capture JPEG stills at 30 megapixels or record full-motion MOV videos at up to 2.7K (2688x1520 resolution) at 30FPS. The camera also features burst-mode photography, time-lapse and slow-motion video recording, active infrared night vision for extreme low-light conditions, and motion detection.

The camera supports standard SD cards with up to 128MB capacity for hours of recording, even at the highest resolution and frame rate. And with up to 90 minutes of continuous recording on a single charge, you don't need to worry about missing a single moment. In addition, the camera can be used while recharging via its built-in USB 2.0 port, so external battery packs or the included power adapter can be used if you need more juice than the 1500mAh battery can supply. The rechargeable NP-40 1500mAH 6.5Wh batteries used by this camera can be purchased for under $10 each, so there is no need to ever worry about power.

While the camera has an internal microphone, it also has a standard 3-pole 3.5mm jack and a cold-shoe mount for an external microphone for better sound clarity. An external noise-reduction enabled microphone may be supplied, depending on the unit. The camera also supports an optional 37mm lens for macro and wide-angle shots.

The camera can attach to your computer via the built-in USB 2.0 port for direct file transfers, and can also act as a webcam for live streaming or video capture directly through your PC. Video playback can also be performed directly to your TV though the built-in HDMI port using the included HDMI cable.

I am pleased with the overall quality of the camera, and the image quality is excellent. There are, however, a few minor issues that some people might not like. The first is that there is no video stabilizing feature in this camera, so a tripod or gimbal is needed for jitter-free recording (of course, I knew this when I purchased this camera, and decided I could live without the stabilizing function.) The second is that even though the camera can record 30FPS at the 2.7K setting, there is a bit of noticeable shearing of the image while panning. Also, while the built-in 3-inch touch screen can be rotated to face forward for selfie/webcam mode, it doesn't face exactly forward and is tilted back a few degrees, making it a bit difficult to see yourself at arm's-length. The last real problem is that the remote control only functions from the front of the camera and not from the back or sides. For the price and overall functionality of the camera, however, I can live with all of these minor issues. I was able to get the camera (with an external microphone), a tripod, a 128GB SD card, and 2 extra batteries with a wall charger and mobile (lighter socket) adapter, for around the same price one might pay for just a comparable camera.

I am especially fond of the extreme low-light capabilities of this camera. Its two built-in infrared LEDs allow you to take pictures or record video in absolute darkness without need of additional equipment. The range of these LEDs is limited (the spec. says 23 inches, but in my own testing, it works well within about 10-15 feet.) Of course, external infrared lighting can be used to boost this range.

Here are some of the specs:

JPEG: VGA, 1.2M, 2M, 3M, 5M, 8M, 12M, 14M, 20M, 24M, 30M
MOV: 2.7K(2688x1520) at 30FPS, FHD(1920X1080) at 30FPS, HD(1280x720) at 120/60/30FPS, VGA(640×480) at 30FPS
Focus: 3.3inches ~ infinity (fixed-focus)
Power Save Self Timer: Off / 2S / 5S / 10S / 15S / 30S
Light Sensitivity: Auto / ISO100 / ISO200 / ISO400 / ISO800 / ISO1600 / ISO3200
Time-lapse Interval: 1 sec / 5 secs / 10 secs / 30 secs / 60 secs
Weight: 1.2 lbs

You can purchase one of these cameras from Amazon.