Samsung NU6900 4K UHD Television

Available in 43", 50", 55", 65", and 75" Sizes

Samsung NU6900

The Samsung NU6900 4K Ultra High-Def television is a class of TV's that come in 43", 50", 55", 65", and 75" sizes. While I was initially drawn to the massive size of the 75" NU600, my attention was quickly turned to the 43" version. All versions of the NU6900 have the same ultra-crisp, vibrant image, but the fact that the smaller screen has the same 3840x2160 pixel format as the larger version, its smaller pixels make it look better close up. Of course, a larger screen allows the same clarity at a farther distance, so if you have a large viewing room, the larger version is definitely for you. However, if you have a smaller room, a smaller version might be best.

The entire range of NU6900 class televisions have the same stylish slim bezel, flat panel design with high dynamic range and PurColor™ for incredibly vibrant pictures. With 4K UHD upscaling, non-UHD images are automatically enhanced for best picture quality. The built-in Universal Guide also allows you to brouse content from multiple devices and apps all in one simple menu, allowing you to spend less time searching for that perfect program. The SmartThings App for your smartphone allows you to monitor and control your TV directly from your phone, and you can sync your smartphone and TV via built-in Wi-Fi to access and control your content on the big screen.

I couldn't find anything I didnt like about this television, in any of its various sizes.

You can purchase one of these televisions from BestBuy, or directly from Samsung.