Samsung 32-inch UJ590 UHD Monitor

Samsung UJ590

I had the oportunity to drool over one of these monitors while I was out and about, and I have to say that it is absolutely breathtaking! Its stunning 4K ultra high-def resolution and incredible color accuracy makes it ideal for almost any desktop—well, any that can handle a 32-inch display, that is! Even with its slim bezels, this monitor takes up some real estate. I like the overall look, and its Y-shaped stand adds a bit of elegance to its design.

Officially labeled UJ59, this UHD monitor has a 31.5-inch viewable area, meaning that you can fit far more on your screen than you would normally be able to (up to 4x that of a normal 16:9 HD monitor). With Samsung's seamless UHD upscaling, even SD and HD images look more realistic. It's ideal for virtually any situation, be it business, photo editing, or gaming—this monitor has the screen space and resolution to do it all. It even has the ability to handle two separate devices and has both picture-by-picture (BbP) and picture-in-picture (PIP) modes for those who might normally use multiple monitors.

Add one (or even better, three) of these to a CORSIAR ONE i160 desktop computer, and you've got yourself a gaming system to be proud of.

As far as my research goes on this monitor, the only drawback is that it really wants to be connected to a high-end video card, but that should probably be expected anyway.

You can purchase one of these monitors from Amazon or BestBuy, or directly from Samsung.